MPM Gida, founded in Istanbul in 2007,  is a brokerage company in international physical trading of vegetable oils, oilseed, grains and feedstuff. MPM Gıda has a strong supply chain across Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Balkans, Bulgaria and USA for Turkish market.

MPM Gıda, which makes trade and represantative services in products of bakery, dried fruits & nuts, chocolate and biscuit industries, is in cooperation with reliable suppliers from Europe, Balkans, Ukraine, Russia, China, Argentina and USA for supply of these products.

As an independent company in the free trading environment, we help our customers to trade at the best time with the best conditions by informing them objectively with its market analysis and daily prices. Considering the needs of the customers, MPM Gıda plays a key role to cover their demands faster, more profitable and more reliable way.

MPM Gıda manages the process in the best way by providing value added service to its customers in every commercial step with its international business experienced professional team.

MPM Gıda takes a place as a preferred business partner in the sector as the result of its core values; reliability, integrity professionalism and loyalty to the customers.

Our mission is to offer products with high quality at affordable prices on time, and to give the best service to our business partners by providing suitable, qualified and proper solutions against potential problems.

Our vision is to grow with our partners by continuing to improve our skills and duties in order to provide the best service.